Never search for a Alliance or a place to take a break again!!!!

I am from Controlled Collective II, and we're needing a few good daily players.

        We have 4 Alliances. Controlled Collective, Controlled Collective II Controlled Collective lll and Controlled Collective lV which makes 4 Alliance's. Never search for another Alliance again. It's the perfect set up for good daily players. Prove yourself and switch between Alliances as long as it's between Quest seasons and there's a opening. The different Alliance's are different skill levels. We meet our 1000 daily loyalty easily because a lot of us also do arenas. We switch tips for story line, war, mastery and new events. If theirs a event with a target, one of us always knows the target. We strive for completion so we successfully complete 100% our maps on all 5 days in all 3 of our AQ alliances.

Controlled Collective IV is for players that have already proven themselves in the other 3 alliances and need a full break.

Also, we try to work together for extra check mark rewards. The extra free boosters from check mark rewards really helps out. You must have line but the line chats are great. We also have a social line chat for all 3 Alliances. Again it's the perfect setup.

CC- Maps 5/5/5 with modifiers.
*Hoping to add a map 6 before long.

CC II- Maps 4/4/5 with modifiers. *Trying to work our way up to 4/5/5

CC III- Maps 2/3/4 with modifiers.
*CC III is primarily for beginners and intermediate players, and veteran players that need a  partial break in the game who currently want/need lower maps due to time restraints.

CC IV Is for players who have already proven themselves and need a full break.

Only AQ participation and Line app is MANDATORY in the first 3 branches.

AW's are optional, your choice, and for fun. But we try not to duplicate caracters in war placement. We also share counters for different characters in war. Again, war is optional.

We're organized and primarily an adult alliance branch chain.

AQ participation is MANDATORY in 3 of our branches. Remember the 4th Alliance is for full break for proven players so no AQ maps, no wars.

Line app is mandatory in all Alliance Branches except CC IV.

One thing.......we don't tolerate moochers. But if you join, fight and move in Alliance quests then you have nothing to worry about.

For more info or to join, contact the following on Line app:

For CC (Map 5): LadyGamer13
Yodaclimber, or Keenmonkey

CC II (Maps 3/4/5): Phaelon Grey, JudoJohn, or Mathina

CC III (Maps 2/3/3): LadyGamer13, Rachel (Reitchel in game), or PantherSPAWN


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