Should I awaken my 5* Void?

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So, im about to get the 5* generic awakening gem and im not sure who to use it on. I'm waiting until I can open a 5* featured before I use it, in the case I pull a better champ but right now, if i dont, im not sure who i should use it on.

Currently, my only good 5* is Void, Human Torch and Dragon Man. A few others, but the resources to rank all of them up are currently very low, and I got lucky with events to r4 my 5* void.

Given that Void is really good and useful (imo, his dmg is quite good for me in act 5 and quests) and my only r4, should I awaken him? And then use other gems on champions once I rank them up more? Any advice is appreciated!
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  • Sw0rdMasterSw0rdMaster Posts: 581 ★★★
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    HT doesn't need it and can't comment on Dragon Man, because I don't have him.

    Void is useful and I would use both Void & HT for Diss Track.
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    It ain’t much but this Big Boy right here has helped me the most in getting Cavalier. He will still be useful in a lot of Act 6 content and he’s just my go to against tricky fights because of his passive damage over time. Great power control too with his petrify.

    I also used him against Ultron 5.4.6 if you still haven’t finished that.
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    Void is an absolute gem across all areas of the game. From lower content to act 6 exploration to tricky variant paths to abyss to cavalier difficulty. The dude is so versatile, it's unbelievable!

    I've got him at rank 5 sig 200, and he's been a great help to my roster. 👍🏾
  • MiekandKorgMiekandKorg Posts: 44
    Just awakened my void, definitely worth it. That synergy with hulk plus fear of the void is **** dangerous lmao, i love it.

    Thanks for the advice @Kill_Grey @Vendemiaire and @Sw0rdMaster !, its appreciated :)

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