Chilled NON LINE 32m Alliance has 2 spots open

Come join PM2AM. We are a 32m Alliance (that will obviously jump up when you join), that doesn’t use Line or anything.

We’re a group of mostly 1m+ players with currently 18 of us in the 1m club. We several Thronebreakers among us with an average prestige over 9700. This is a great Alliance if you’re progressing and want a solid Alliance to help get your resources to rank up. Or if you’re a seasoned pro who wants an easy no stress life where you can tear up map5 or 4 of AQ, then sit back and rake in the Alliance based rewards.

We gain 200m+ on AQ running 554 x5 so you’ll get plenty of glory.

Weekly SA we achieve over 750k so lots of extra 5* shards for little effort.

We currently only run 1 group on Alliance War. We took last season off totally.

We don’t think playing a mobile game should be a job so we keep it chilled. Only thing we really ask is be active on AQ.

Message myself Wozzle101 or Alliance leader Omega Feara for more info or if you’re interested.


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