So i beat the grandmaster too

Amazing_Demon05Amazing_Demon05 Posts: 2,754 ★★★★

Nick in nexus waa the only saving grace for me as I already have omega as 6*
But i was searching for both nick and aegon had 2 generics and sigs tones all for aegon ao atleast got 1 for now

Tried the skill mutant crystals but s you can see that didn't go so well maybe dd netflix will be something gotta watch gameplay
6* sucked very much but I couldn't have controlled myself to save for apoc featured anyway
Chose science as I am closest to science somehow i have been super lucky to pull science again and again and thats how i am so close to forming it even though others are pretty much non existent. Only 18% more to go

All in all i am just very happy i killed GM
Only used 10 revs i had in inventory, heals i had in inventory (that wasn't a lot) and 320 units i had 1.1k saved
So i have spare for gifting and all now


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