Who of these skill champs is the best for rank 5 today?

I have one champ of each class at r5 (Domino, Aegon, Doom, Warlock, Cap IW and Hyperion). Since Aegon isn't that good for general questing, I want another skill champ at r5. Nick Fury would be a obvious choice, but I don't have him. So, what is the best option among these four?
I don't run suicides at the moment.

Who of these skill champs is the best for rank 5 today? 29 votes

Blade (duped)
DuMonUAb_SamadOsfan8noor17peterrrAmpx115DRAGONDUDE963 7 votes
Stealth Spidey (unduped)
PantherusNZKill_GreyEtjamaHera1d_of_Ga1actusTSR6225GlassbackCanucks37SaltE_Wenis69AmnetiesScrubhanWill3808NuclearOrk[Deleted User]RubbixBarani7datofuシ 16 votes
Hit-Monkey (unduped)
TommJSDCeltic1981 2 votes
Killmonger (duped)
RockypantherxMeebletonEtherealityAGENT_A7K 4 votes


  • Will3808Will3808 Posts: 3,536 ★★★★★
    Stealth Spidey (unduped)
    Blade is outdated so don’t do him. Hit monkey would be my second choice
  • fchskmfchskm Posts: 166
    I got Ghost guys, I will rank up her before any skill champ.
    But thanks for the votes, if don't get NF, I will rank-up Stealth Spidey, he will be useful for v5 too.
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