US based AQ Focused Ally LF 1 player to join us

Hello there. I am going to keep this short and sweet. I am the leader of a US based Ally LF 1 player that has prestige of 9.5k or higher to join my map 5 Focused Ally. We have a goal to get into map 6 eventually but I want to make sure each BG is ready for that.

We run all 3bgs 5x5 with a combination of Epic and Master Modifiers.

We score between 240-250 million each week.

We are an AW optional Ally. It is not mandatory.

Be active and Communicate well and you will fit in with us.

Line is required.

Hit me up on the Line app zbot34


  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 280
    I am still in search of a player to join my team. Preferred US based as I would like someone who is available on all 3 sections. But I will gladly talk with any who may be interested and meets the prestige that I am looking for
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