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Should I R4 Proxima just fro the synergy with my maxxed Aegon? Awaken her too?

EtherealityEthereality Posts: 685 ★★★
Cyber weekend gave me a 5* Aegon which I am a few iso away of maxxing, awakened already and at sig 200. Hoping to use him on second chapter of Mulaney Challenge.

I already have a 5* R4 Star Lord (duped x120) to pair with Aegon for combo shield synergy. However I also have a 5* R3 Proxima (unawakened) that I do t really use, just there waiting if/when I get Corvus Glaive.

However, since I now have a maxed Aegon I am mulling taking her up for that fury synergy, not just the combo shield one. If I R4 , I think I should also awaken her ( I have one Cosmic Gem) for the combo synergy to matter. Was saving it for other Cosmics that need it more ( I don't have Corvus, Hyperion, Cull Obsidian or CGR as 5* or 6* - Have CMM and Medusa awakened tho).

You opinions appreciated:

Should I R4 Proxima just fro the synergy with my maxxed Aegon? Awaken her too? 1 vote

R4 Proxima and DO awaken her for the sake of Aegon Synergy .
R4 Proxima for Aegon's Fury synergy but DONT awaken her, save the gem for other cosmic that needs it more.
Don't R4 Proxima, her fury synergy with Aegon is not needed. Your R4 SL is all you need now for combo synergy.
BuckyBruh 1 vote
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