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Buff I. Hulk's rage timer

gage201205gage201205 Posts: 465 ★★★
The reviews for this character were pretty bad from what I was hearing... Well I end up pulling him from the 2020 cavalier crystals and I have to say very odd mechanic but yet fun to play with.

I've been playing with him and and found he's nowhere on a god level or anywhere near it.. he's a very aggressive playstyle champion because of the rage timer to keep his damage ramped up.. I tried him out on several quest just going ham and found his playstyle is just very hard to maintain as you need an aggressive opponent throwing specials constantly and dashing at you for intercepts... I hate these kinda champs I call them button smashers (90s mortal kombat player here).. Their very impractical, especially with more difficult nodes that need more strategic gameplay or passive approach..

So how do we fix him, well a recent buff allowed the rage timer to pause during specials buff the rage timer itself is just to fast.. one bad dex, one champion refusing to throw special, one passive champ holding block and bam you lost all your hard work and 50% of your health... Increasing the rage timer would allow those stupid little things you can't change because the kabam universe is against you, but would also allow him to get the full punishment of losing health and dishing out some serious damage.

What do you say Kabam let bump this baby up and give your odd mechanic gamble of a champ some good use, so he don't look like a total fail.

P.S. Kabam I love that you guys go out of the way to create different and odd champs like this great work just needs a tune like Human Torch and Namor.
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