30 mil US based Ally LF 1 map 5 experienced player

I am the leader of Infinity Gauntlet. I today had to let someone go due to 2 weeks of little to absolutely no communication and little activity. I try my best to give folks the benefit of any doubt especially when it comes to a game as life does happen and should come first. But when it hurts the team I just can't sit by and continue to do nothing.

So here I am , a leader looking for a New player. We are an AQ first and Focused Ally. AW is completely optional and not our focus. We are a US based Ally looking for someone that is either from the US or is at least available in all 3 sections of map 5. We are trying to progress to map 6 for a day or 2 each week but currently with the AQ boss change and mini boss updates it has been hard finding good boss killers and without 2 to 4 in each BG it definitely makes moving from map 5 to map 6 difficult. I only have 1 spot open and I would like to find someone with a Prestige of 9k or higher. Someone with map 5 experience. Someone who is active and Communicates well. I am attaching 2 pictures one is what we finished in AQ last week and the other is where we currently are going into day 5 of AQ.

Please reach out to me via the Line app as it is required to join our Alliance. My ID is zbot34 both in game and on Line. But I will warn ya I respond quicker via Line than I do the in game chat.

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