What iron fist should be like!

Now that some of know that the new champs, memphisto and Morningstar are going to have a buff that carries on to the next battle, I have a good idea for a MASSIVE iron fist buff!

Sig ability: Chi Power

Iron fists chi power continues on to the next battle, every time he defeats a opponent, he gains a permanent CHI buff that lasts for the duration of the entire quest. Once iron fist reaches 3 CHI buffs, he starts to get increased precision and attack, increasing his attack by X for the duration of the fight, every extra CHI buffs he gains increases his persision and attack by X. If iron fist is knocked out and has at least 5 CHI buffs, he is revived, every extra CHI buff he has increases the amount of health he is revived with. This consumes all of his CHI buffs.

Tell me what you think!


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