Champs to add 2021 (MCU and X-men movies)

With the recent poll making Hercules the choice, that’s great and all, but not sure the other options were too great... (I was rooting for Okoye, because she is a marvel character and not from historic mythology, but you can’t win them all...)

Mystique - (mutant) perhaps takes the skill set of the champ she is fighting, buffs, crit rating, attack rating, etc...

Quicksilver - (mutant) he’s fast, he’s very fast, no ideas on skill set other than evade or miss or dodge... whatever mechanic they are using these days.

Mantis - (cosmic or mystic) alright here we go, her hits that make contact have a small chance at one of the following:
Stun for 2 seconds (15% chance)
pacify debuff (20% chance)
Nullify debuff (10% chance)
Armor break (20% chance)
Slow (10% chance)
All I’m saying is at least she is well known...

Ulysses Klaue - (either skill or tech) Smuggler, Villian, mercenary, and utilizes Vibranium for weapons, the possibilities are endless!
Maybe a combo of bleed and energy damage, i mean he was in ultron and BP so...

Lady Sif -(cosmic) make her like Angela but good,

Laufey (cosmic) - frost giants are neat,
Immune to cold snap and frostbite obviously, he could have ice armor like iceman, but maybe rage based like Logan. Physical resistance sure.

Honorable mentions:
William striker (skill) kinda generic i guess make him destroy mutant class tho.

Malekith (mystic) dark elf from that one Natalie Portman movie...

Champs to add 2021 (MCU and X-men movies) 5 votes

Mystique (a main character in 90% of X-men movies)
Gr8TonyStark 1 vote
Quicksilver (a character in both X-men and avengers)
CrcrcrcZanerJay 2 votes
Mantis (we have every other guardian from the movies... so why not)
Ulysses Klaue (Andy Serkis is the man)
Lady Sif (it’s 2020, go women!)
Z2f6hQ 1 vote
Laufey (Frost Giant)
Kevin Sorbo
TheExit27 1 vote
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