Has it been stated whether or not champs who've been tweaked before could still be in line for buffs

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Good afternoon MCOC community. Quick question. Does anyone know if it has been stated whether or not champs who've been tweaked before could still be in line for buffs. I'm sure they won't be at the front of the line either way, but champs like Sentry and Ebony Maw who have had adjustments in the past could still greatly benefit from changes (in my opinion). I was just curious if there was an official word one way or the other. Thanks in advance for any feedback!


  • It has not been explicitly stated, but the various tweaks/buffs/reworks are being applied to the champs that Kabam thinks need them the most, circumstances factored in**. If a champ has been adjusted in the past but they still think it needs a rework, the earlier rework doesn't "disqualify" that champ from being looked at again. However, all things being equal, it could make other champs that are in equal need have a higher priority.

    ** By this, I mean there could be champs that technically need a rework more than the ones they are working on now, but there might be particular circumstances that made it easier to work on those champs first. For example, the devs might look at a poorly performing champ and decide they want to add some new abilities, but those new abilities require game changes to implement them fully, so they add those changes to the development queue and set that champ aside and move on to another champ, looping back to the first champ when what they want to do becomes possible. That sort of thing.
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    Makes sense! Thanks for the response!
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    Yes, they confirmed this with invisible woman.
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