Daredevil perfect block synergy.

Hey guys, I wanted to see how many ways the hit monkey synergy can be abused. I used r5 daredevil vs the act 7 punishing angel boss with this synergy and it was so amazing made it super easy being able to block s1 and s2 with no worry, other than punisher himself just wondering if anyone knew of other champs that are non contact physical hits I know a lot are energy based when projectile.

Few others I thought of are domino, hulks boulder, new sw has a rock she throws.

Looking for some that I might not have thought about.


  • magnus_xixmagnus_xix Posts: 1,858 ★★★★★
    Its mainly bullets that are classified as non contact physical attacks. A lot of the skill class have special attacks that use them. There are also others like Magneto, the spider men, Joe fixit and a few in the tech class.
  • Pdogg614Pdogg614 Posts: 78
    Yea mags is a great call out see this is why I wanted to ask the community as I want to see how much more use it will give in the future.

    You mentioned skill and Elsa and blade come to mind now u say that. I got both the s1 evade timings down for those 2 but It would be great for the s2s respectively.
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