Abyss Path 4 or 5

ImGodMFImGodMF Posts: 459 ★★★
urgently looking for advice on which path to do next and team to take in. I only have path 4 and 5 left, this is my roster. I can rank up anyone to r5 or r2 if need be.


  • ElhadjeeElhadjee Posts: 59
    I am in the same situation,I have watched a lot of abyss videos and my team for path 4 will be Doom,HT,Nick,Aegon and corvus.I will get 2 corvus charges from darkhawk and hopefully one from hulk ragnarok which will be really hard and use corvus for killmonger and masacre.If you want a Luke cage counter then you can swap corvus with stealth or ecem shehulk

    As for path 5 I will get void instead of corvus and rest will be the same I guess
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