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Is 6 star punisher 2099 worth r2?

BradencoyBradencoy Posts: 22
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Is 6 star punisher 2099 worth r2? 21 votes

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  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 4,104 ★★★★★
    It depends on the person ranking them. If you're a very highly skilled player who can intercept and bait specials for days, then he'd not really that great. If you view your opponent's Special Attacks as an opening, rather than as a threat, then he's probably not the champion for you. For the same reason, there are particular opponents (like Thing) who he's a bad choice for.

    If you're a player who's got a bit less skill than that, then he's far more useful, as his ability to prevent you from your opponents Special Attacks is really rather good.

    His damage is certainly respectable now; and can be boosted effectively if you extend his Armour Break debuffs with Red Skull.

    What he does phenomenally well is to limit the opponents ability to gain Power when struck (for a large proportion of the time). It may not sound like much, but bear in mind that Power is pretty much the basis of the threat from the majority of opponents. And whilst his Power Control only affects Defensive Power Gain (so it's useless against Hyperion or Aarkus), it's also completely passive; so can't be shrugged off,

    Dr Doom? Man-Thing? Not so difficult when they've got hardly any power. And who needs crits anyway, when they can't negate your passive +150% Attack?

    Magic? If she procs Limbo once, she'll be doing well.

    Void? Ten hits on every Special-1 clears those debuffs pretty fast (this works less well against Nick Fury or Thing, sadly...)

    Buffet or Masochism? They'll never get health back, *as long as you've got Battery charge*.

    Lifecycle? With a guaranteed stun off every Heavy Attack* you'll have no troubles...

    So anyway, mine is R2 (only my second R2 champ); and he's been really useful in a lot of scenarios. He lacks any immunities or any real utility abilities; but I'm definitely happy with him. He's definitely a useful champ to have in your collection, even if he won't be the solution to every scenario.
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