5/5 Cruelty or 2/3 Willpower (no Suicides)

I know it’s been said that precision doesn’t really need a 5th point, is the same true for cruelty? I have an extra point and I want to use it in either Cruelty if it’s worth it or Willpower for a second level. No suicides. I have maxed glass cannon, maxed Despair, Deep Wounds, and Assassin. Have the classic Proficiency tree. Etc. Thanks in advance

5/5 Cruelty or 2/3 Willpower (no Suicides) 6 votes

Cruelty 5/5
QmonKevanproGChikelXguard77Agent_X_zzzBarani7da 6 votes
Willpower 2/3


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    Xguard77Xguard77 Posts: 559 ★★★
    Cruelty 5/5
    I have 5 in cruelty - there's certainty a benefit to adding the crit damage.

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