Why is there 3 new champs this month...?

How can Kabam release 3 new champs this month when there’s heaps of champs that desperately need attention (Carnage!!).

Kabam mike posted on one of the “Fix Carnage” posts, saying that they have a shedule that they need to stick to and character fixes have to work around it. Why was an extra new champ scheduled to be released instead of champion fixes?

Did anyone ask for 3 champions to be released this month?

Surely most people would want ****/outdated/undertuned champs to be looked at before realeasing an extra champ.

Not trying to be negative, but when can we expect updates to obviously undertuned champions?


  • I prefer new champs. Old champs that suck can be left that way for all i care.

    We need to move forward, i'd say.
  • Hey, look on the bright side. Last time we got 3 in a month, two (Iceman and AA) were gods and the third (Psylocke) is pretty good as well. Hopefully, it'll be the same this time around.
  • 26 champs a year, 12 monthly quests, do the math!

    These 3 champs were more then likely scheduled even before carnage was released into the game.
  • Are you disturbed?
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