Which is better:

Ebony_NawEbony_Naw Posts: 1,250 ★★★★
You know who you are, and you know why you're here. Let's settle this once and for all.

Which is better: 6 votes

Pizza Hut
DragonMCOCPhillip14233 2 votes
Pizza Hit
IronGladiator22 1 vote
Papa John's
Hera1d_of_Ga1actusThebombsquad1Prtjo 3 votes


  • BabyMiikeBabyMiike Posts: 684 ★★★
    The forums Is only mcoc related
  • Colinwhitworth69Colinwhitworth69 Posts: 2,577 ★★★★★
    Not Papa John’s in any universe.
  • Ebony_NawEbony_Naw Posts: 1,250 ★★★★
    K, there turned out to be three options, so it should have been which is the best, but whatever. Also, this is my first dicussion/poll started ever, and it's about pizza franchises. What have I become?
  • Ebony_NawEbony_Naw Posts: 1,250 ★★★★
    BabyMiike said:

    The forums Is only mcoc related

    Oh, no doubt this gets deleted. And I honestly wouldn't blame the mods. Just a runoff joke from the Domino debate thread.
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