Abyss path 5 help

MauledMauled Posts: 3,774 ★★★★★
Morning all. I’m prepping for my last Abyss path (5) and I’m having a bit of trouble finalising my team.

I’ve settled on Aegon and Doom, and am deciding between Void/HT (didn’t enjoy Gulk with Torch), and Magneto, Corvus and NF.

I’ve chucked the roster in below, if anyone has any advise I’d really appreciate it.

The current plan is:
IMIW - Magneto
Invisible woman - Aegon
Gulk - HT/Void
Yellowjacket - Aegon/Magneto
Mordo - Void/HT
Mephisto - Void/HT
Thor - Magneto/Aegon
Aegon - Aegon
Sinister - Void/HT
Thing - Aegon
Red Skull - Magneto
Bishop - Doom
Sym Supreme - Void/HT
Massacre - Corvus or Aegon
Omega - Magneto
Medusa - Doom
Cable - Magneto/Void/HT
Karnak - Aegon


  • Varad18Varad18 Posts: 162
    Do not take in Corvus unless you know you've packed hell lot of revives
    Torch (You did not Enjoy Gulk cause Torch is designed for Energy/Mystic Paths)
    Nick better than Glaive anyday, your 20% revives will be worth a ton! (LMD)
  • ImGodMFImGodMF Posts: 459 ★★★
    I recently did path 5 with this team.

    Corvus is not necessary, just ensure you keep your aegon at around 800 combo before Masacre

  • BeroManBeroMan Posts: 228 ★★★
    I would bring Torch, Aegon, Doom, NF, Heindel.
  • GamerGamer Posts: 9,126 ★★★★★
    I’m use void HT ægon nick and doom reson for void was simple ghulk and cable. And ht for MS and most of the mysigt
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