The misunderstood champs - Black Widow Deadly Origins

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Greetings everyone,
I had hoped to release this episode much sooner but 2021 hasn't been that kind to me.
But anyways here it is, hope you enjoy!

Before we begin I just want to extend a huge thanks to @Agent_X_zzz for taking the time to answer our questions on this shocking underrated champ. In fact it was not us who came to him but him who came to us. So think of this as a RAID shadow legends sponsored guide.

Anyways let's make our way around the web!

What makes BWDO so special?

BWDO is special because she is typically underrated by a majority of the community, her DPS is very high and easily accessible, with little to no ramp up required. She has a decent AAR mechanic allowing her to bypass a decent chunk of nodes.
If you get the sabotage debuff the AAR goes up from 70 to 90%, or if max pacify is activated the AAR goes from 70 to 100%.
Some people like using the sp3 rotation, although I do not reccomend it, using sp2 rotation is more easily accessible and more practical for general content. She is quite fluid to play and very easy to intercept with, so as long as you are good at intercepting you are going to have a field day with her.
She also has a decent miss counter where whenever she misses she gains an evade passive allowing her to evade the next hit, so this protects her. Try Maw vs BWDO for some chuckles.

What is her rotation and optimal usage?

She may not necessarily be your general lane clearer, but she can be, due to her high dps, if there are no special requirements of certain utility for the lane, it is very likely that she will work. She's great in a bunch of content, map 7 recorded by kabam, she has one of the highest DPS there. She is the best option for the skill cavalier EQ node, as she will constantly gain furies. She is great for thunderstruck lanes, polka dot power, or any enhanced shock nodes. She is decent in act 6 for a few lanes, and I used her a ton in act 7 as there are no specific requirements for the general of it. She's also good for psychic thorns, and selective time stream. Try to keep her Widow’s Insight up my intercepting and punishing Heavy’s, as it gains benefits to her basic attacks/combos. As said before is recommended to use the special 2 rotation as compared to the special 3 as it doesn't reset all Widows insight charges and as stated before is more accessible. Meaning more damage, more AAR and more being a black widow.
For optimal max dps, make sure when you are using a sp2 to have a shock debuff on the defender and it will deal a bunch more damage.

Where would you rate her in terms of her fellow skill compatriots?

Although I love BWDO, she ends up lagging behind some of the top skill champions due to her lack in the utility department, however due to her DPS she is definitely at the top in terms of damage, but when considering the utility factor she lags behind, I wouldn't put her as a top 5 skill, but she isn't too far behind.

Like I stated before this video was sponsored by RAID shadow legends, and before I end this episode off just a quick word from our sponsors.
Agent X zzz has a YouTube channel, and is well known for his Quake Gameplays and takedowns. He is pretty active around the forums and is always helping out the fellow community. If your a Stan of quake definitely check out his vids.
(Disclaimer for some ppl: THIS VIDO WASNT SPONSORED BY RAID, also agent approached us so it was just a joke about how he came to us to make this episode).

You've made it this far, your an absolute Chad.
Looking forwards to seeing y'all in the next episode.
Please do leave feedback in the comment below and have an absolutely wonderful day.

Signed Unio77 and noobmaster66653


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