Interested in merging into a GOLD 3 alliance?? (sister alliance to a gold 1 team) or SOLO

We are a pretty chill, and relaxed team. Some of us left the main group, to have less stress and pressure. With our careers and family being so time consuming in these vivid times, we're a but chill but VERY active..

Gold 3 in AW, rank 300
Looking to hit gold 2

In AQ; we run maps 4.4.4.
But with you or the right merge
We're hoping to run 5.5.4
Or at least 5.4.4.

And if you grow, and become really active, jump into the main group

Gold 1, looking to reach Plat 4
Runnings 6.6.6. In AQ

Add me on LINE app: Georgiegold


  • BedStuyBedStuy Posts: 26
    We also have a 3rd alliance for new players and noobs. Need officer spots for both alliances. Message me on LINE app
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