Active Gold 1 / Map 6 alliance looking for members

Gold 1 alliance | rank 130
Looking to hit Plat 4
maps 6.6.5 | 350+ mil

We're laid back but ACTIVE! A friendly bunch of guys and girls from all over the world, that have careers, families, social lives, etc. We understand that people can't be online all the time so just require you to clear your lane in both AW and AQ.

AW diversity is a big focus for us - so if you're willing to r5 your otherwise useless champs, like Abomination or Yellowjacket, you would fit right it!

Hit one of us up on LINE to discuss further!

Add us on LINE app
ID: Georgie24k, Geeziana, Ctutchik, Joep22662266, louisw89
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