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Next rank5 mystic?

Ksp_2099Ksp_2099 Posts: 735 ★★★
I got rank 4-5 mystic gem from initial completion of Variant 6.
My only good 5* Mystic is- r4 Vodoo, r3 BWCV and r3 Ghost rider

Should I go with BMCV?
or wait for Doom??



  • Yodabolt21Yodabolt21 Posts: 1,608 ★★★★
    Longshot is awesome! Morningstar and the Hood are also good.
  • Ksp_2099Ksp_2099 Posts: 735 ★★★

    Longshot is awesome! Morningstar and the Hood are also good.

    She is looking like
    Bro I don't like Longshot playstyle parry heavy.
    As I have Symbiote Supreme, so no hood, symbiote can do lot better than him, I guess.
  • Ksp_2099Ksp_2099 Posts: 735 ★★★

    I don’t like her, but she seems like a Decent option

    Yeah bro, I am learning her, she does shine with suicides, but without it she is just above AVG, I guess.
    I don't use suicides.
    I will try to hunt for Doom for next few week, if not then go with her.
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