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If you're not up on the comics, here's a handy primer of which superhero teams are represented in MCOC. NOTE: I have restricted this to solely teams appearing in the mainstream 616 universe, I've also ignored the movie versions of comic characters - hence no Falcon, Ronin, Ant-Man or Wasp.
Second Note: I've gone with the most notable teams and largely stuck to the first time someone joined a team and limited myself to the X-Men in general, rather than breaking it down into Blue, Gold, Red, X-Treme etc. subteams. I've also skipped most of the Dawn of X teams.

Fantastic 4

The Fantastic 4 debuted in Fantastic 4 #1 in 1961. The first four members of the group are the most famous: Mr Fantastic, Human Torch, Invisible Woman and The Thing. They’re not the only members, however. Medusa of the Inhumans joined in 1973’s Fantastic Four #132, replacing Sue when she and Reed were having marital difficulties. Medusa remained on the team until 1975’s Fantastic Four #159. The next new member of the Four was Luke Cage in 1976’s Fantastic Four #168, when he became a temporary substitute member to replace Thing who had lost his powers. Cage’s time on the team was short, he left the team in #170 after spending #169 under the control of Puppet Master. She-Hulk joined the team in 1985’s Secret Wars #12, as Thing left the team to remain on the mysterious Battleworld. She-Hulk’s tenure ended in 1987’s Fantastic Four #300. In 1990’s Fantastic Four #347, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Wolverine and the Hulk were manipulated into believing the original F4 had died and replaced them as a ‘New’ Fantastic 4. This team lasted until 1991’s #349. In 2007, after the events of the Civil War event, Reed and Sue left the team in #544. They’re replaced by Black Panther and Storm. The pair left in #550 the same year, with Reed and Sue rejoining. In 2011’s Fantastic Four #587, Torch was apparently killed. Two issues later, the team disbanded and the title was relaunched as Future Foundation, with Thing, Mr Fantastic, Invisible Woman and Spider-Man. The Four reformed for 2012’s Fantastic Four #600, with Spider-Man leaving the team in #605. The most recent member of the Fantastic Four is Iceman, revealed in 2020’s Fantastic Four vol 6 #24 to have been a member during the early days of the team when Torch angrily quit the team at the same time Iceman had angrily left the X-Men. This retcon chronologically places Iceman as the first substitute member.

The X-Men debuted in X-Men #1 in 1963. The first five members were Angel, Beast, Cyclops and Iceman, led by Professor X. Havok joined the team in 1970’s X-Men #65. Wolverine, Colossus, Nightcrawler and Storm all joined the team in 1975’s Giant-Size X-Men #1. The original X-Men, bar Cyclops, and Havok all left the team in 1975’s X-Men #94. Phoenix first appeared in 1976’s X-Men #101 and joined the team thereafter. After Phoenix’s death, Cyclops left the team in 1980’s X-Men #138. He returned to the team in 1981’s X-Men #150. Rogue joined the team in 1983’s X-Men #171. Cyclops left again in 1986’s #201 after the birth of his son. In 1986’s Uncanny X-Men Annual, Longshot joined the team, he left in 1989’s #248. Psylocke joined the team in X-Men #213 from 1987. Jubilee joined the team in 1989’s X-Men #252, leaving in 1994’s Uncanny X-Men #318. Gambit joined the team in 1990’s #270. Bishop joined the team in Uncanny X-Men #287 in 1992. During the 1980s, several of the team left and rejoined over a period of several issues. Some times more than once. The first X-Men volume also underwent a title change to “Uncanny X-Men”, whilst keeping the old numbering. In 1991, a second volume of “X-Men” was launched with a new #1. That title shifted to being called “New X-Men” in 2001, whilst keeping the old numbering. Emma Frost joined the X-Men in New X-Men #116. Magik joined in 2009’s “X-infernus” #4.

New Mutants
The first spin-off team from the X-Men, the New Mutants debuted in 1982’s Marvel Graphic Novel #4 ‘The New Mutants’, which saw the first appearance of Sunspot. Warlock joined in 1984’s New Mutants #21, he later died in 1990’s #95. Magik joined the team in 1984’s New Mutants #15, she was later de-aged to childhood and left the team. Cable joined the team in 1990’s New Mutants #89, taking command of the team. Domino joined the team in 1991’s New Mutants #98. In #99, Sunspot left, before the team reorganised as X-Force in #100.

The first incarnation of X-Factor was made up of the first five X-Men: Cyclops, Iceman, Beast and Angel, appearing in 1986’s X-Factor #1. Their roster was largely unchanged, but in 1991’s X-Factor #70, the team disbanded and rejoined the reorganised X-Men. X-Factor was reorganised itself as a US government team in #71, led by Havok.

Cable’s X-Force team appeared in X-Force volume 1, Sunspot joined the team in X-Force #15 and left in #28. Cable briefly left the team, before his death #18. He returned in #25. Domino had apparently been a member since New Mutants #100, but was later revealed to be a shapeshifter in disguise. The real Domino was a supporting character in the title after this, but didn’t join the team until #30.
The second X-Force team, led by Wolverine, launched in 2008’s X-Force vol 3 #1. Also a member at that time was X-23. Domino joined the team in 2009’s X-Force vol 3 #11. Archangel joined in 2008’s #8.
In 2010’s X-Men: Second Coming #2, Wolverine created a new version of X-Force, which Psylocke and Deadpool joined, whilst X-23 and Domino left. Nightcrawler joined in Uncanny X-Force #19 in 2011.

Excalibur debuted as a British based spin off of the X-Men in 1988’s “Excalibur Special Edition”. Among its founding members was Nightcrawler. Colossus later joined the team in 1995’s Excalibur #92. Psylocke was a member for a short-lived second team in 2001.
A completely unrelated third team appeared in 2004/05 which included Professor X and Magneto in its roster.
A fourth team is currently appearing in a series which began in 2019, starring Rogue, Gambit, Jubilee and Apocalypse.

Generation X
Generation X launched in 1994, first appearing in Uncanny X-Men #318, before launching into their own series. Jubilee was a founder member, whilst Emma Frost was one of the teachers.

The Avengers debuted in 1963’s Avengers #1. The founding members were Iron Man, Thor and Hulk. Hulk left in #2. Captain America was revived and joined the team in 1964’s #4. In 1965’s #16, the remaining four founder members left the team, whilst Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch joined. Beast of the X-Men joined the Avengers in 1976’s Avengers #151. He later left the team in 1981’s #211, coincidentally, Tigra joined the Avengers the same issue. Vision joined the team in 1968’s #58, leaving in #211, like Beast. Vision later rejoined the team in 1984’s #242. Black Panther joined in 1968’s Avengers #52, leaving in 1979’s #181. She-Hulk joined the team in 1982’s #221. Mr Fantastic and Invisible Woman joined the Avengers in 1989’s #300, leaving in #303. Black Widow joined in 1973’s Avengers #111, although her membership was sporadic until the 1990s. Ms Marvel (Carol Danvers) joined in 1979’s Avengers #183, leaving in #200 in 1980.
Storm joined the Avengers in Vol. 4 #19 in 2011, along with Quake.
Sunspot joined in 2012’s Avengers Vol 5 #1.

West Coast Avengers
The West Coast Avengers were founded in WCA #1 in 1984. The founding members included Hawkeye, War Machine and Tigra. Iron Man joined the West Coast team in 1985’s Vol 2 #1. Moon Knight became a full-time member in 1988’s Vol 2 #33, but had joined in 1987’s #21. Scarlet Witch joined the West Coast team in 1988’s vol #37, alongside Vision.
In 2018, a new West Coast Avengers team was created in vol 3 #1, with Hawkeye again a founding member, along with Gwenpool.

New Avengers
Following the events of “Avengers Disassembled”, a new Avengers team was formed in 2005’s New Avengers vol 1 #3. Founding members were Iron Man, Captain America, Luke Cage and Spider-Man. Wolverine joined in #6. Sentry joined in #10. Following the superhuman civil war, Iron Man left the team, whilst Captain America was believed dead. Cage, Spidey and Wolverine were joined in 2007’s #27 by Doctor Strange and Iron Fist. Following the Secret Invasion by the Skrulls, Winter Soldier and Ms Marvel joined in 2009’s #48.
After the Siege storyline, Thing joined the team in 2010’s New Avengers vol 2 #1. Daredevil joined in Vol 2 #16 in 2011, during the Fear Itself event.
In 2015, prior to the Secret Wars event, Sunspot formed a new “New Avengers” team, with Black Widow among the members in Avengers vol 5 #39. Following the Secret Wars event, a revamped New Avengers team led by Sunspot debuted, with Squirrel Girl one of the founders in New Avengers vol 4 #1. Hawkeye also served on the roster.

Mighty Avengers
In 2007, a team dubbed the “Mighty Avengers” debuted in Mighty Avengers vol 1 #1. Founding members included Iron Man, Ms Marvel, Black Widow and Sentry.
In 2013, a new Mighty Avengers team was formed by Luke Cage, with Blade as a founding member with She-Hulk joining in #6.

Uncanny Avengers
The Uncanny Avengers – formally known as the “Unity Division” – came about after the events of 2012’s “Avengers Vs X-Men” event. The team debuted in Uncanny Avengers #1 and was founded by Captain America, Wolverine, Havok, Rogue, Scarlet Witch and Thor. Doctor Voodoo joined during the AXIS event in Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #9 in 2014. Uncanny Avengers Vol 2 #1 saw Sabretooth and Vision join, before leaving in #5. Spider-Man, Human Torch and Deadpool all joined in Avengers #0 in 2015. Spidey left in Vol 3 #1. Cable joined in Vol 3 #4 in January 2016, leaving in vol 3 #23 along with Deadpool. Beast joined in 2017’s Vol 3 #28.

All-New All-Different Avengers
The All-New All-Different Avengers launched in 2015 after Secret Wars. Iron Man, Thor (Jane Foster), Vision, Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan), and Spider-Man (Miles Morales) are among the founding members. After Civil War II, Kamala and Miles left the team and OG Spider-Man was among the new recruits.

US Avengers
In 2017, Marvel debuted U.S. Avengers, featuring a team led by Sunspot and counting Squirrel Girl among its members.

The first Champions team debuted in 1975’s Champions #1. The team included Angel, Iceman, Black Widow and Ghost Rider.
A new Champions team debuted in 2016, following the second Superhuman Civil War and Ms Marvel and Spider-Man (Miles Morales) leaving the Avengers. A time-displaced teenage Cyclops was also a team-member. Following the outlawing of teenage vigilantes, in 2020’s Outlawed, Squirrel Girl has also been involved in the team.

New Warriors
The New Warriors debuted in New Warriors #1 from 1990. Night Thrasher and Nova are among the founding members. Darkhawk joined in 1992’s #22.

Guardians of the Galaxy
The Guardians of the Galaxy team you all know from the movies debuted in Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 #1 in 2008. Drax, Gamora, Rocket and Star-Lord were among the founder members. Groot joined in Vol 2 #7 in 2009. Iron Man was a member in the 3rd volume, starting in 2013. Agent Venom and Captain Marvel joined in Guardians of the Galaxy: Free Comic Book Day in 2014. Thing became a member in 2015’s Vol 4 #1. Nova is a member in the current 6th volume.

Alpha Flight
Alpha Flight made their full debut in Uncanny X-Men #121 in 1979 with a roster including Sasquatch and Guardian.

The Defenders are not who you might expect. In 1971’s Marvel Feature #1, the team formed with Doctor Strange, Hulk and Namor. Silver Surfer joined in Defenders #2 in October 1972. Hawkeye joined for a short stint in 1973’s Defenders #7 leaving in #10. Luke Cage joined in Defenders #17 in 1974. In 1982’s Defenders #104, Beast joined.
In 1983’s Defenders #125 the team was reorganised as a more formal team and the title became New Defenders. Beast, Iceman and Angel were among the founders.
A second volume in 2001 reunited the original Defenders, along with Silver Surfer.
A fourth volume in 2011, included the ‘main four’, along with Iron Fist.
In 2017, a fifth volume united the cast known from the TV show, including Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage.

The Invaders are a World War II team of heroes. They debuted in 1975’s The Invaders #1. The team includes Captain America, Namor and Bucky Barnes, later the Winter Soldier.

The Ultimates
The 616 Ultimates debuted in Avengers #0 in 2015 after the Secret Wars event. Their membership included Captain Marvel and Black Panther.

After an alternate universe version appeared in Secret Wars in 2015, the 616 version debuted in A-Force vol 2 #1 in 2016 with a roster including She-Hulk, Medusa and Captain Marvel.


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    that’s a lot

    Excellent write up!
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    Someones tryna pass English class
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    In a few lists, the founding member was omitted, e.g. Hercules. Is it due to the champ not released in MCOC yet?
  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 12,113 ★★★★★

    In a few lists, the founding member was omitted, e.g. Hercules. Is it due to the champ not released in MCOC yet?

  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 4,599 ★★★★

    In a few lists, the founding member was omitted, e.g. Hercules. Is it due to the champ not released in MCOC yet?

    Strange. In X-Men, Angel (is listed) and he is not in the game.
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    Does the Illuminati count ? (Superior) Iron Man, Prof X, Namor, BP, Beast, Strange, Black Bolt and Mr Fantastic
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    Grean said:

    Someones tryna pass English class

    S I L E N C E - B E N
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    Grean said:

    Someones tryna pass English class

    considering I'm forty-two. No.

    and when I had to do an oral presentation for GCSE English, I did it on the starships Enterprise from Star Trek, back in the Olden days when there were only 5 and the B had never even appeared!
  • Sundance_2099Sundance_2099 Posts: 1,079 ★★★

    In a few lists, the founding member was omitted, e.g. Hercules. Is it due to the champ not released in MCOC yet?

    Strange. In X-Men, Angel (is listed) and he is not in the game.
    Angel and Archangel are the same guy.
  • Sundance_2099Sundance_2099 Posts: 1,079 ★★★

    Does the Illuminati count ? (Superior) Iron Man, Prof X, Namor, BP, Beast, Strange, Black Bolt and Mr Fantastic

    I didn't count them because they're not a superhero team, they're more like a council.
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    In a few lists, the founding member was omitted, e.g. Hercules. Is it due to the champ not released in MCOC yet?

    Strange. In X-Men, Angel (is listed) and he is not in the game.
    Angel and Archangel are the same guy.
    I would say it is not the same within the MCOC game (though I am unsure in the Comics realm). Razor sharp wings versus "soft" wings. Actually, I don't even know what powers Angel has except that he can fly.
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    Irrespective of his powers, he is Warren Worthington III, formerly known as Angel. End of.
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