Map 5 Alliance, Prestige 9.5k, Active Player

Hello. Looking for a Aq Map 5 alliance that is pretty chill.
I'm not looking into warring, but I am very active, and my account is "progressed".
I'm throne breaker, prestige is 9.5k, and have done act 6 and abyss clear.
Line: jaimeme6.


  • Hey I still looking for one? I got alliance for u
  • If so add me on line tanner2905
  • SwingtwistersSwingtwisters Posts: 169
    We are an active alliance. One bg does map5x5, one does a mix of map4&3 and another just does map3 in Aq.

    Two BG optional war, currently silver 1. 500k+ in summoner advancement every week and we perform well in alliance events. We are looking for an active player once war season ends.

    Our alliance name: Young Padawans (13mil rated)

    Line is required, HMU on line: swingtwisters

    Or in game: Swing twisters

    We are a growing casual group who enjoy the game but know real life comes first:)

    Would love to have you
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