Hulk (Immortal) buff

Hulk is a really fun champion to play for sure, but there are a few things holding him back and these are so frustrating to me because you're so close with him and he's so nearly a really good champion!! A few things I think he could have improved:
- reduce the damage he does to himself and increase the damage he does to his opponent (on the burst), at the moment the damage to himself is more than the damage to his opponent and even if these values were swapped, it would be a big improvement.
- or alternatively stop any additional damage from occuring after say 10 or 15 stacks, so whilst his damage will increase, he won't do as much damage to himself.
- increase the length of time of his rage stacks, at the moment they fall off far too quickly and make him very hard to play unless the ai is being very good at throwing their specials and being aggressive.
- alternatively give the rage stacks a taunt effect similar to she hulks fury passives to encourage the ai to throw more specials.
- give him some kind of perfect block synergy/mechanic, this would mean against specials that he has to block when he's at low health, and the immortality is on cool down, he won't just die from it.
- alternatively give him some kind of small/slow regen maybe off the sp3 that he can activate to keep himself going inbetween immortalities.
- increase the chance of the stun on the sp1, it isn't high enough and makes playing him unreliable and frustrating
- maybe give him some more different debuffs because at the moment there is minimal utility and this makes him rather useless for a lot of content, so maybe some strong weakness (other than his awakened ability) or a slow or something off the sp1 or a life steal/power leach type effect from his petrify and an increase in its potency too.
- maybe reduce the length of the cool down on the immortality, although if some/all of the other earlier suggestions are made then this isn't that important or necessary in my opinion.
I think all of these suggestions could really help improve an already very enjoyable character and make him much more valuable to players in every kind of content


  • CrcrcrcCrcrcrc Posts: 4,934 ★★★★★
    He is already good enough. These would make him crazy.
  • I don't think they would tho, or at least not any more crazy than say Dr Doom or corvus or anyone else in their respective classes. There are still plenty of ways to get around him on defence and all these would do is make it a more rewarding effort to use him on offence
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