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Would anyone R3 6* Falcon for Thronebreaker?

He’s unduped. I only have a skill T5 catalyst. I’m close to mutant T5 and could do either Magneto House of X or Omega Red. Both unduped.

Would anyone R3 6* Falcon for Thronebreaker? 31 votes

R3 Falcon (unduped)
xNigLvernon15CliffordcanHammerbro_64Manar198xVoltolosChawi79Billie90TivjyotMother_FlerkenSarvanga1_walkerdogZan0FaseehGiuliameijEtherealityGiulioVentu99AmnetiesDarkKnight646Celtic1981 22 votes
kubaolesTitoBandito187Darth_SaintElwind 4 votes
R3 Magneto House of X (unduped)
BonzodavidWOLF_LINK 2 votes
R3 Omega Red (unduped)
RenaxqqBarani7daTheBoogyMan 3 votes


  • Sarvanga1_Sarvanga1_ Posts: 4,139 ★★★★★
    R3 Falcon (unduped)
    Falcon after his buff has loads of utility via his locked on ability.
  • The_Sentry06The_Sentry06 Posts: 7,763 ★★★★★
    R3 Falcon (unduped)
    Falcon is very good now after his buff. Good damage and good utility if you aren't bothered by the lock-on cooldown.
  • EtherealityEthereality Posts: 685 ★★★
    R3 Falcon (unduped)
    In a heartbeat
  • GiuliameijGiuliameij Posts: 1,849 ★★★★
    R3 Falcon (unduped)
    I would say yes to about ANYONE to get thronebreaker. It brings great advantages and will get you 285% of new T5CC in a year compared to Cavalier. Only taking into account the ways Thronebreakers get them now (AQ and Calander) and not the ways that are to come.
    So it is just an investment into new more worhty r3's.
    Plus Falcon really isn`t a bad option.
    You could in your case wait for the mutant t5cc, however. You will get there sooner as a Thronebreaker.
  • WOLF_LINKWOLF_LINK Posts: 1,278 ★★★★
    R3 Magneto House of X (unduped)
    I love white Magnetos Synergies/Pre-Fight.
  • UMad8ro3UMad8ro3 Posts: 130
    Awesome! Thanks for the advice. Looking at the skill class as it stands now Falcon might be a top 5 6* for skill class after his buff considering how difficult it is to dupe a 6*
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