Looking for one loyal member

Looking for one member for my alliance. We are a family friendly alliance. We run maps 2/4/5 with heroic mods for 2/4 and master mods for map 5 ( score between 80-100 mill). We run 3 BG war in season and usually finish in gold 3. We run one BG in off season. Must have line. Looking for someone around the 250k range and up. Feel free to hit me up in game @JDubs0914 or on line @jdubs0914.


  • DresDres Posts: 32
    Great alliance to be a part of. Join, make moves and stay for the conversations. Come get on down!
  • DresDres Posts: 32
    Sorry @CGR2020 gotta have activity during the week due to AQ and AW (in season). But if you happen to make that possible, we can talk.
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