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Dev Diary: Cavalier Difficulty in 2021 and Beyond - New Buffs for February!



  • xNig said:

    DNA3000 said:

    xNig said:

    I disagree on the skill one though. Lowering evade chance means slowing down the fury buildup. Disorient fails to give fury at times due to AAR. Iirc it’s around 30% if you’re using NF.

    I think the problem with the Skill nodes is they are a little too narrow. One way to offer a skill-path through the Skill nodes could be to assert that if the champ is blocked from evading due to stun, that counts as an evade prevention. That way separate from the three debuffs, every skill champ would have a theoretical way to get a momentary evade prevention (via parry-stun), which would make every champ usable (but with a much harder way to get the buffs and get in attacks).

    You might need to lower the evade chance if you allow that, but maybe not.
    Doing so, as you mentioned, will allow all skill champs to do that. However, I believe the intent of having these nodes is for the playerbase to develop a wider roster, and not relying on ABC champions. It was either this, or gates (tbh I prefer gates. It’s faster and more straightforward).

    Anyway, because of this intent, it’s counterproductive to allow all skill champs to do the quest, rather than the 30-40% or so due to the restriction.
    I agree in general, but I don't think this needs to be binary. Which is to say, the gates don't have to promote roster growth by separating the champs into "can do" and "cannot do" which is what some of the previous nodes did. I think it is acceptable if the nodes present "works great" "works so-so" "barely works" and "doesn't work" as options. Allowing the parry-stun/evade option would make all champs workable, but not especially well. That seems to be closer to the spirit of the changes they made to, say, cosmic and science.

    incidentally, this is also why I prefer this kind of content to gates. Precisely because it isn't straight forward and it requires more thought. Gates can only be passed through in the way the designer intended: by meeting the explicit qualifications of the gate. Content soft-gates like those used in CavEQ don't have that limitation: they reward innovating thinking beyond what the designer intended. So long as that innovation doesn't become harmfuilly exploitive, I think rewarding players who think outside the box is a good thing. Gates have no real outside the box options usually.
  • WorknprogressWorknprogress Posts: 7,233 ★★★★★
    zeezee57 said:

    Is the cosmic node bugged? I've used Hype now a few times and haven't got a single armor break any fight. Tried using him to start the 4* challenge and after 73 hits never got an armor break against KM and died to reverb. Even with the horrible chance of getting an armor break I shouldn't be 500 hits deep over multiple fights using hype without ever getting an armor break.

    You should read the node better. You don't have a chance to place armor breaks on basic attacks. You have a chance to gain a passive fury per armor break you've placed. If the champ can't natively armor break, then the node isn't going to do anything for you.
  • VendemiaireVendemiaire Posts: 2,178 ★★★★★
    Science feels slower. iAbom, RHulk, and SHulk are MVPs.
    Tech - If you have Warlock then you're good to go. I don't have him so I have to use HBuster.
    Cosmic - CMM is good, Corvus is slow.
    Skill - I didn't have an option for the previous iteration so I used to ignore this one. I ranked up Mole Man for this one and he's doing fine.
    Mutant - The Biohazard feels more fun. Pretty okay for any mutant.
    Mystic - If you have ranked up Sasquatch (for defense for example) then prepare to see 200-300k SP2s.

    I thought this month is gonna be a grind but it's almost the same. A little bit slower maybe.
  • Jmille85Jmille85 Posts: 100
    Great! I ranked my 6* Angela up to r2 because I finally found a use for her with the Buffed up node and the dev notes seem to indicate they weren’t changing those but by taking away buffed up that’s exactly what they did... Thanks Kabam! Now we can get back to using all the same old standard champs we use everywhere else... That’s what made Cavalier difficulty fun is being able to use champs we don’t always use and the buffs turned them into beasts..
  • TyEdgeTyEdge Posts: 2,907 ★★★★★
    I appreciate that this was announced “early” but some roadmap-style guidance would be great. At least assure the player base that the 4-star cavalier quest will happen every 2-3 months. If we know that, we’ll feel better about investing. Alternatively, drop some 4-star rankup gems in the monthly objectives.
  • BerjibsBerjibs Posts: 1,478 ★★★★
    Having finished the mystic quest 100% on two accounts, I’ll retract my earlier observation. That annoying issue with unstoppable still triggering while staggered/nullified is happening with sym supreme as well as other champs like voodoo that I also tried.
  • TayK23TayK23 Posts: 1
    The whole point of cavalier is to explore the options of champions that can work with these nodes. It kinda requires a more developed roster as no one champ can counter each class node. I do kinda wish the rewards were a bit better. No drastic change but maybe a slight bump for all the time spent on cavalier. Regardless, I hope March is as good as February was, if not better.
  • ThecurlerThecurler Posts: 784 ★★★★
    I haven’t particularly enjoyed this month’s Cav.
    Struggling to see how the changes have made it any less time consuming.
  • GiganteaGigantea Posts: 111
    I do not enjoy this month Cavalier difficulty as it takes longer time to finish a path. It also need a set of new rank up champs to take advantage of the node. Even if you have the right champs, you are not able to complete it in a shorter time than the previous nodes.
  • xNigxNig Posts: 7,192 ★★★★★
    Took about the same time for me. Not too big an issue. Gladly welcomed the change of nodes. The old ones were getting monotonous.
  • AndrarioAndrario Posts: 17
    Top priority to adjust in next month
    Skill - cmon, get in bleed
    Mystiq - throw away that unstop stun immun
    And science one if using 4 stars, that weakness debuff is so annoying and getting much2 slower to finish without right champ
    Kabam need to rework this global to make it faster, not time consuming and more frustasting

    Mutant, tech and cosmic are not big problem, altough cosmic % armor break need to higher chances to get the fury
  • xNigxNig Posts: 7,192 ★★★★★
    Faseeh said:

    xNig said:

    Faseeh said:

    @xNig Where weaponx

    In his diapers.😏
    where gameplay tho :'(
    Not gonna rank him up yet though. Just brought my AA to R2 so saving up my T5B for his R3, already have the T5C.

    (I don’t post videos usually nor am I a Youtuber 😂)
  • Charlie21540Charlie21540 Posts: 860 ★★★★
    Man just fully explored the skill quest and that new skill node is just TERRIBLE. If it wasn't for my Killmonger, I might have just said screw the cavalier event quest this month. The old one was so much easier and faster to use. This one is kinda niche and annoying.
  • VendemiaireVendemiaire Posts: 2,178 ★★★★★

    Man just fully explored the skill quest and that new skill node is just TERRIBLE. If it wasn't for my Killmonger, I might have just said screw the cavalier event quest this month. The old one was so much easier and faster to use. This one is kinda niche and annoying.

    Mole Man finishes fights in the Skill Cav EQ in under a minute.
  • Drew77Drew77 Posts: 1
    I am trying to get another romance gift to gift to make the last 50 points to get next reward. Can you give me one to give??? Also I have over 3500 messages that are unread fir some reason can you take a look at my account.
  • MrTicTac19992008MrTicTac19992008 Posts: 560 ★★
    edited March 2021
    I'm trying to finish off the Skill quest but the node is broken for me. I am using Killmonger with true strike but not getting any furies at all. It has been broke since I updated to latest version.

    edit: It doesn't work either when incinerate, shock or Disorient are placed on the defender. Only been an issue since I updated.
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