Plat 3 Ally, Top 180 AQ, Map 6x5, 2-3 Epic Mods, NEED 2; 10.8K+ Prestige, Strong/Diverse Roster Req

Looking for 2 players with prestige over 10.8K with a strong yet diverse rosters for AW/AQ to get us to Plat 2.

Looking for quality mature players and not pretenders. Folks that can back up their talk and verbal commitments. Takes ownership for their faults and not afraid to ask for help.

With that said, must
- Have Large roster and skills capable of clearing paths easily in tier 2/3 wars, while clearing Map 6 AQ paths without issues.
- Be Active (joins AQ, AW early and doesn't place AW defense last minute)
- Communicates well on LINE

More about us:.
- Very fun group
LINE group
- Organized, on-point group of officers

If you are interested you can contact me or another officer:
In-game - Choco Roco
Line ID - chocoroco1
In-game - Kingkingdom90
Line ID - dk11dk11

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