Abyss Path 3 brainstorm

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I saw a lot of ppl take diffrent champs into path 3.

Aegon/HT/Doom are basicly 100% needed and I will bring them.

The 2 open spots leave a lot of options tho.

Let me throw a few ideas in the room and tell if you agree or have other options/suggestions:

-There are 2 Havok on that path and I have seen ppl take him with Aegon. At 500 combo (build him on LC and Logan if needed) Aegon ignores def AA.

I also heard that he was bugged at some point. Is it safe to bring Aegon vs him? If not Warlock would be my option against him.

- Red Skull is annoying but doable with Aegon (SP2 bleed when he has over 2 bars) and Doom

Another option is to cheese him for 35 min with my 4* Ronan

Other spots and synergy partners:

-Bring Nick/Quake synergy to help with LC (one of the hardest fights), help ramp up Aegon, give Doom and HT 3 evades for their matchups, 10%(20% when dead) attack to Aegon/HT

Could use Team revives vs Red Skull then bc Doom/Nick/Aegon can fight him.

-Heimdal for obvious reasons

-White Magneto for 8% attack synergy for Aegon and HT and +15% attack and passive stuns on 3 fights:

For example Mordo (I hate him in AoL), Korg (no shrug off) and the Collector (first 60% he is stunable what may help a bit to push him to SP2s with reparry bc you can do the 75% SP2 dex)
and ofc more damage in these fights

Do some things not work as I think?
Have you tried any of them yourself?
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