Horseman Not working in AQ

After taking Apocalypse, cable and Wolverine in AQ Map6 last night i made Wolverine a horseman. This morning in section 2 Wolverines horseman ability was gone and the horseman ability of Apocalypse was consumed. Gladly i did not took the biohazard path. This needs to looked at an get fixed asap.


  • C17_CalinC17_Calin Posts: 3
    Same here! This is so unfair, KABAM!! not only the 4 charges were spent, alongside with the horsemen activation, my fight never started, it just loaded forever.
    So now, I cannot make anyone horseman and I was robbed of 50% health on my OR, because the fight never started
    This needs fixing!!!

    Not to mention that overall, the game performed lousy lately. For months now we have crashes, glitches and bugs that are just annoying and cost us units and potions!!!
  • Snakebites23Snakebites23 Posts: 42
    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious this has occurred multiple times to me as well. Once a horseman, that ability should not be able to be stripped away. Is there any fix in the works for this or is it even known to you guys?
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