premium crystal issue

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the game gives us premium crystals from solo and alliance milestone rewards and arena milestone rewards but lets be honest premium crystals are useless.most of the people even dont open only can give you 4 star and its so rare.also at this point 4 star means nothing but iso.the contest is evolving and going to evolve in the future.why wouldnt premium crystals evolve?
adding 5 or even 6 star heroes and increasing 4 star ratio make this crystal so damn usefull.i know some people will say premium crystals for beginner players and it would be absurd if they get 6 star champion.i am totally agree with that.for solution it can be keep same for beginner summoners and evolving with your progressing.can add 5 star when you reach uncollected and can add 6 star when you reach cavalier also increasing the ratio.this way premium crystals may be help summoners out.even 5 star crystal only meanings iso for thronebreakers.
also i know some people will say there are alteady crystals like this and they call cavalier crystals.yes it is true.then kabam should change arena milestone and solo/alliance milestone rewards with cavalier crystals instead of premiums
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    I'm okay with alliance milestones staying all premium shards, or changing things to have participation milestones (similar to gifting alliance rewards) to have access to better crystal shards once you are uncollected/Ca/TB. For arena I would be good with replacing all the PHC shards with the shards from the Sunday Arenas. Otherwise need to be progression based, not uncollected yet, all arenas Premium shards and always in 2*/3* arena (once Uncollected). GMC shards when uncollected and always in 4* basic. Cavalier shards when Cav in 4*/5* feature arenas. So if you are Cav or TB, your arenas would be 2*/3* PHC, 4* basic GMC, 4*/5* feature Cav shards. If there is ever a new arena or title beyond TB, they can be adjusted. If there is ever a TB crystal, then the 4* feature is Cav and the 5* feature is TB once you are TB. The T1A/T4B, etc. arenas also adjusted accordingly.
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