Only AQ 5 and Chill Alliance needed

ElwindElwind Posts: 312 ★★★
I have 10967 PI
Bored this game and looking only AQ 5 Chill Alliance...
I dont want use Line etc...


  • Avenger_A1Avenger_A1 Posts: 195
    We're doing AQ map 555 x 5 with modifiers (Score 220M+, glory rewards 4k+). Active daily AQ mandatory. AW optional (Silver 2). Line app required.

    Alliance name: StarBrothers
    Contact in-game: Avenger A-1
    Line ID: avenger-a-1
  • If you are just doing AQ you wouldn't need line in my alliance. Clearly you have been playing a while i'm sure you know what you are doing. I have a couple of open spots in the map5 group. Look us up in game the tag is OH. G
  • Join S.M MARVEL bro
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