Bug affecting Warlocks Shock damage

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Warlock is one of my few really good options for the Power Technician pathway in Cavalier EQ.

This node allows him to Power Drain on well-timed blocks, and stack Fury passives. The Fury passives work, as expected, to substantially increases his damage on hits, crits, and bleeds (It should increase it by 350% with ten passive effects).

Oddly, however, it doesn't seem to affect his Shock damage arising from his SP1. This is a real shame as lot of the champions have Power Gain effects, and it's helpful to throw SP1 repeatedly to control it.

There's nothing in his description to suggest that this Shock damage is based on his base Attack (I suspect his Degen damage is, but that's fine). Please could you take a look at this?


  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 4,113 ★★★★★
    Update on this: in this month's EQ, the Shock damage doesn't scale on the Power Shield node, which would usually be the case:

    Still the same damage as in the video above.

    The shock damage isn't increased by the Assassin Mastery, by Fury Passives, or by Power Shield. It's bugged, guys.
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