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Champion Spotlight - Psycho-Man

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Psycho-Man is a genius scientist and ruler of a technocratic system of worlds in the Microverse. Obsessed with conquering the normal-sized universe, he crafted a mechanical exoskeleton so he could interact with things not on a microscopic scale. He carries with him the Control Box, a device capable of creating and controlling the emotions of anyone he chooses, especially feelings of Hate, Fear, and Doubt.

PSYCHO-MAN’s Mechanics

    Psycho-Man is focused on manipulating his Opponents into doing specific actions, then punishing them for doing so. His Control Box has 3 modes, Hate, Fear, and Doubt. Hate is associated with Heavy Attacks, Fear with Special Attacks, and Doubt with Blocking. When Opponents perform the action that’s tied to his current mode, they are inflicted with Concussion, and Psycho-Man gains Power from striking them during or after that action. His Special Attacks also trigger different effects depending on what mode he is in.

Base Stats & Abilities
   Health  Attack  PI (Max Signature)
 3-Star  6002  463  1952
 4-Star  15052  1159  4904
 5-Star  30179  2324  10630
 6-Star (Rank 3, Level 45)  38887  2994  13660

Character Class: Tech
Basic Abilities: Control Box, Shock, Power Drain, Heal Block

  • Concussion
  • Psycho-Man has a variety of ways to inflict Concussion on his Opponents, causing their abilities to fail. And when those abilities do fail, he doubles-down on the punishment by inflicting Heal Block and Power Lock.

  • Power Control
  • In Doubt mode, Psycho-Man’s Special Attacks inflict a variety of different effects that control the Opponent’s Power. And since those Special Attacks are also Unblockable, and he gains Power from hitting his Opponent’s Block, it’s very easy to hit the Opponent with them.
  • Unique Buffs
  • Psycho-Man is dependent on getting his Opponent’s abilities to fail through Concussion. However, the potency of his Concussions is reduced for each unique Buff on the Opponent. So those who are easily able to maintain a variety of Buffs will have an easier time against him.

  • Strong Basic Attacks
  • The other good option against Psycho-Man is to just ignore his Control Box entirely. Characters with strong basic Attacks, that aren’t dependent on specific abilities triggering at certain times are able to effectively ignore his Control Box.

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion

Always Active
  • The potency of Psycho-Man’s Concussions are reduced by 25% flat for each unique Buff on the Opponent, up to 3. This cannot reduce them below 0%.
  • The potency of Psycho-Man’s Concussions are increased by 75% flat against Mutants.
  • Combat Power Rate is decreased by 10%.
Developer’s Note: Psycho-Man makes up for this decrease in Combat Power Rate with other Power Gain abilities further in his kit.

Control Box
  • Psycho-Man carries a Control Box with 3 modes: Hate, Fear, and Doubt, flooding his Opponent’s mind with the selected emotion at all times. The Control Box starts in Hate mode.
  • While fighting as an Attacker, Psycho-Man cycles to the next mode whenever his Fourth Light Attack lands a hit or it strikes into a block.
  • While fighting as a Defender, Psycho-Man cycles to the next mode when the Opponent fills a Bar of Power. If the Bar was filled during Psycho-Man’s Special Attacks, it cycles after the attack is finished.
  • Psycho-Man’s abilities change depending on the current Control Box Mode.
Developer’s Note: Note, the Control Box changes modes differently depending on whether Psycho-Man is attacking or defending.

Control Box - Passive
  • Hate: Opponents fight more aggressively, and suffer Passive Concussion during Heavy Charge and Heavy Attack, reducing Ability Accuracy by -75%.
  • Fear: Opponents are 70% more likely to use a Special Attack, and suffer Passive Concussion during Special Attacks, reducing Ability Accuracy by -75%.
  • Doubt: Opponents fight more defensively, are 70% less likely to use a Special Attack, and suffer Passive Concussion while Blocking, reducing Ability Accuracy by -25%.
Developer’s Note: These abilities are the main way Psycho-Man controls and punishes his Opponents. Hate, Fear, and Doubt make it more likely for the Opponent to use Heavy, Special, or Block actions respectively, and any abilities they would trigger from those are far less likely to occur.
The fact that Opponents are more likely to use Special Attacks is also useful for All or Nothing nodes, even when the Opponent is Taunt Immune.

Control Box - All Attacks
  • Hate: Striking the Opponent while they are executing or recovering from a Heavy Charge or Heavy Attack grants Psycho-Man 18% of a Bar of Power.
  • Fear: Striking the Opponent while they are recovering from a Special Attack grants Psycho-Man 25% of a Bar of Power.
  • Doubt: Striking the Opponent while they are Blocking grants Psycho-Man 8% of a Bar of Power.
Developer’s Note: This is the second major component of the Control Box modes. When the Opponent does the action that matches his current mode, striking the Opponent during or right after that action will grant Psycho-Man a significant burst of Power. When playing well and successfully manipulating and punishing his Opponent, Psycho-Man is able to trigger his Special Attacks far more often.

Opponent activates a Special Attack
  • Psycho-Man’s mechanical exoskeleton causes his Opponents to suffer -1400 Critical Rating during their Special Attacks.
Developer’s Note: Psycho-Man makes it difficult for Special Attacks to land Critical Hits against him, regardless of what mode he’s in.

Special 1 - Waves of Emotion
  • Hate: Inflict the Opponent with a Shock Debuff, dealing 2324 Energy Damage over 6 second(s), stacking up to 6 time(s). Inflict an additional Shock for each Fury Buff on Psycho-Man.
  • Fear: Inflict the Opponent with a Cowardice Debuff, reducing Special Attack Damage by 40% for 12 second(s).
  • Doubt: This attack is Passively Unblockable and inflicts the Opponent with a Power Drain Debuff, depleting 30% of their current Power over 6 second(s).
Developer’s Note: Using SP1 or SP2 in Hate mode is the way to do the best damage as Psycho-Man, whereas Fear provides utility, and Doubt provides power control. Also, note that additional Shocks are inflicted for each Fury Buff, which especially matters for his SP2.

Special 2 - Traumatic Experience
  • Hate: Psycho-Man gains a Fury Buff for 14.50 second(s), increasing Attack Rating by +2324, stacking up to 2 time(s). These Fury Buffs refresh when a new one is gained, and when Psycho-Man cycles modes.
  • Fear: Inflict the Opponent with a Heal Block Passive for 18 second(s).
  • Doubt: This attack is Passively Unblockable and inflicts the Opponent with a Special Lock Debuff for 12 second(s).
Developer’s Note: The Fury Buffs from this attack are refreshed whenever Psycho-Man rotates through his modes. So regularly rotating through your modes will allow you to stack multiple Fury Buffs, which in turn means his SP1 will inflict additional Shocks. The Heal Block is also a useful way to get a Heal Block in place for his Signature Ability. Finally, the Special Lock Debuff lets you push the Opponent’s power up without them using a Special Attack, and if you follow this up with the Power Drain on the SP1, it’ll have maximum impact.

Special 3 - Emotional Breakdown
  • Inflict a Stun Debuff and Power Lock Passive on the Opponent for 3 second(s).
  • During the Opponent’s next Special Attack, they suffer Passive Concussion, reducing Ability Accuracy by -100%, and Passive Weakness, reducing Attack Rating by 50%.
Developer’s Note: For the 3 seconds after using this attack, Psycho-Man has free reign to attack his Opponent without them responding or gaining Power. And on top of that, whatever their next Special Attack is will be significantly debilitated.

Signature Ability - Microverse Overlord
  • Passive:
  • Whenever an Opponent’s Ability fails to trigger while they’re suffering from one of Psycho-Man’s Concussions, they are inflicted with a Heal Block Debuff for 9.51 second(s).
  • If they are already Heal Blocked, and have been so for at least 0.5 second(s), they are Power Locked for 6.00 second(s) instead.
  • Whenever the Opponent Heals while Heal Blocked, or gains Power while Power Locked, Psycho-Man gains 25.01% of a Bar of Power, scaling up or down with how much Health or Power they would have gained.
Developer’s Note: Psycho-Man’s Signature Ability provides additional benefits for controlling his Opponent. Baiting the correct Attacks and getting their abilities to fail due to Concussion will inflict them with Heal Block. If you’re able to do it again while they’re still Heal Blocked, they’ll additionally become Power Locked. Then once they’re in that state, any Power they’d gain from abilities or being struck is funneled into Psycho-Man instead!
The Power gain listed in the third point is based around a 5% heal or a Power gain of 25% of a Bar. So if the Opponent were to heal 10% of their max health, Psycho-Man would actually gain twice as much Power as listed here.

Malice - Unique - 3-star and up - With Invisible Woman
  • Psycho-Man: Psycho-Man’s Ability Accuracy reduction effects reduce Ability Accuracy by an additional -15% flat.
  • Invisible Woman: While Invisible, all Attacks have a 25% chance to place a Vulnerability Debuff on the Opponent.

Pure Hatred - Unique - 4-star and up - With Coming Soon
  • Psycho-Man: The Control Box is unable to cycle out of Hate mode and Opponents are 20% more likely to use a Heavy Attack. Personal Shock Debuff potency is increased by +60%. Personal Fury Buffs refresh when the Fourth Light Attack lands a hit or it strikes into a block.

Dinky Shrinks - Unique - 4-star and up - With Ant-Man, Wasp, Yellowjacket
  • Psycho-Man: Heavy Attacks grant a non-stacking Armor Up Buff, increasing Armor Rating by +600 for 10 second(s).
  • Ant-Man: Special Attack 1 inflicts the Opponent with 2 Stagger Debuffs for 12 second(s), each causing the next Buff they trigger to be immediately Nullified.
  • Wasp: +1200 Block Proficiency.
  • Yellowjacket: When the Opponent fills a Bar of Power, they gain a Power Sting Debuff for 8 seconds, dealing 30% of Yellowjacket's Attack as Direct Damage.

There Goes The Multiverse - Unique - 3-star and up - With Deadpool, Deadpool (X-Force), Man-Thing
  • Psycho-Man: Power Lock and Heal Block effects last 15% longer.
  • Deadpool, Deadpool (X-Force): Heavy Attacks inflict a non-stacking Armor Break Debuff, reducing Armor Rating by -700 for 10 second(s). Reverberate this!
  • Man-Thing: Gain up to 25% Perfect Block Chance based on Agitation.

Enemies - 2-star and up- With She-Hulk, Thing, Human Torch, Mister Fantastic
  • All Champions gain +85/115/155 Critical Rating.

  • Assassin is already a great mastery, but Psycho-Man can gain additional benefits from it. The mastery decreases Opponent’s Defensive Ability Accuracy while they are below 18% health. This decrease stacks on top of Psycho-Man’s Concussions, making it even more likely for their abilities to fail and trigger Psycho-Man’s Signature Ability.
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  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 21,518 ★★★★★
    Wonder who that coming soon is...
  • TerraTerra Posts: 7,625 ★★★★★
    I LOVE the reference to the DKTMU comics in his synergies.
  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 21,518 ★★★★★
    Terra said:

    I LOVE the reference to the DKTMU comics in his synergies.

    would’ve been disappointed if it wasn’t there
  • TerraTerra Posts: 7,625 ★★★★★

    Terra said:

    I LOVE the reference to the DKTMU comics in his synergies.

    would’ve been disappointed if it wasn’t there
  • dafsdfasdfdafsdfasdf Posts: 6

    Terra said:

    I LOVE the reference to the DKTMU comics in his synergies.

    would’ve been disappointed if it wasn’t there
    Me too
  • The_beast123The_beast123 Posts: 2,031 ★★★★
    I love the fact that he aids Wasp good, considering the fact she already has small healthpool and I run glass cannon maxed.
  • SungjSungj Posts: 2,100 ★★★★★
    Hate to diss a character before release but I'm getting major pre-buff Terrax vibes from this guy. I could and hope I'm wrong but just the way I read it a lot for his utility seems like a lot of text for abilities that won't end up being too useful and his damage looks pretty poor
  • ChovnerChovner Posts: 964 ★★★★★
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