Please Consider Removing the "One Per battle" From Some Champs.

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Good Day Kabam,

I know you're dealing with many issues right now but if anyone at Kabam reads this please why not consider removing the limit from some champs that only have abilities or sigs that only are useful once per fight? Champs like Hawkeye or Gamora. It wouldn't break the game or make those champs OP at all and it would make lesser champs much better to use overall (Luke Cake). Here are some ideas.

Hawkeye - Make his Sig say a 15-20% chance to activate and the bleed stacks. It's not the best bleed in game so it stacking wouldn't make him OP, just a much better champ. There are champs like Archangel, Gwenpool and X-23 that can bleed an enemy to death already anyway and he won't be replacing any of the top bleeders if this was done.

Gamora - Maybe keep the 50% at 99 Sig but would this really make much difference at the end of the day other than not only making her more played but also making the Cosmic class slightly better? There's a great feeling to using her and having her sig proc, then there's a not so great feeling if the fight isn't over and knowing that, that's it. Again, it won't break the game and it's not gonna put her over the already top Cosmic champs anyway, just make her more fun and practical to use.

Luke Cage - Make his sig work as it does right now the first time you get hit and give a 10-15% chance to active during the match also. This would not only make him better to play (not by much) but also you'd see wayyyy more LC's on Defense and it's a very simple way to add more champs to AW (cuz trying to force diversity ain't working for the enjoyment of the game guys).
OR, you can make it so his sig works after a special like Jugs or UC that way players can use a VERY weak hitting champ to tank many things like specials. That way you can justify why he hits so damn weak if he can tank SP3's (I doubt you'd do this one but we would love if you do).

These changes aren't hard and wouldn't break the game in anyway and best of all for you would make it so there's good news for the community overall. We would actually thank Kabam for once and dust off Luke Cage and Gamora also. Also some characters can keep their "Once per battle" effects like Ironman(s) or Punisher for obvious reasons.

Thank you for reading.


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    That's also a good idea and I like it.

    Another one came to mind also while fighting Miles Morales in arena. Why not indestructible charges like Miles?
    Say he starts out the fight with 2-3 charges and gains them when the enemy uses a special and each charge makes him indestructible for 1-2 seconds and have the same change as Miles to activate. Now it's a game of chance when both playing him and fighting him.

    It would make it so alot of champs who rely on specials to think again like when I use Gwenpool Vs Cake I tend to go for the SP3 to armor break to make the fight go alittle faster but if that were to give him a charge then I'd have to think alittle more. Same if I were using Iron Man, I'd go for the armor break but if I used a SP1 or SP2 and it game him a charge and as the special hit him, the charge was used and caused my spacial to do no damage (The armor break chance would apply as normal tho and he would still either get the armor break or not). Same if I were using say Sym Spider man. We all know Syn Spidey has a great Sp2, well what if there's a chance it would do 0 damage?

    This would also make it so like Miles, you can insure he never gets the buff all fight after the charges have been used and still make him very annoying as a AW defender.

    Idk man, just trying to make some not so good champs better (hawkeye is already good tho)
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    Did you mean to say Luke Cake? He is that weak though....
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    LC should be able to activate more than once
  • hola ratas
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    I agree that once per fight rules are disappointing; but it would be very easy to generate overpowering characters otherwise. Give Luke Cage Invulnerability on every direction and he becomes a God! My suggestions, aiming for improvement without unbalancing the game:

    Luke Cage: Once per fight is enough, but if there were a plan to have more, I would suggest it only applies to the S3, as actually that makes it pretty easy for the opponent to work around (much like Unstoppable). Or change it to work more like Ice Armour/urgent refraction, where he has a chance to shrug off any damage causing over 5 or 10% health loss.

    Hawkeye: His Sig is poor - the actual damage per tick is comparable to OG BP's basic bleed, but triggers very infrequently. Compare it to Deadpool's bleed that takes on every hit, and does more damage overall. The fact there are quite a few 'shrug off' champs now that didn't exist previously also reduces the usefulness of haemorrhage. My thoughts - Change it to give him a completely different Sig, more like She-Hulk or Miles Morales where he has a chance to use a class-specific trick arrow with every shot. And give him Incinerate on his S2.

    Gamora: I love Gamora, and was a little heartbroken when I learned the once per fight thing. It feels like a massive reason not to rank her up, and certainly makes it pointless using Sig stones beyond about 30%. Perhaps an improvement would be: Drop the bonus damage from 700% to 500%; and change the once per fight to 'Each successful trigger reduces the chance of a subsequent trigger by a flat 15%'. This would mean recurrent Assassinations were rare but possible; and certainly make there some value to bringing her Sig up with Sig stones.

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    I think Hawkeye and Gamora are fine.
    However Luke Cage should be able to activate indestructible more than once. It should activate like Juggernaut s unstoppable, after specials.

    I also find it pretty annoying that Ghost Rider abilities fail quite often, his power drain and seal fate should have 100% chance of activation. And keep the L3 to restore the judgments.
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