I might be recruiting for what should probably be the most casual alliance in the game

So I've been playing for a while now. Definitely more than a year, maybe close to two? For all that time, I've avoided joining an alliance because I never wanted to be beholden to anyone else for any of the decisions I make with regard to this game. When I mentioned this in a post about what I can do to get some value out of the alliance potions and revives I had gathered, someone suggested I just create an alliance for myself. So I did that and have been dabbling in alliance quests just to use those items. What I didn't realize, is that just by being in an alliance I get significantly more rewards just for doing the quests and arenas I'd have done anyway. I'd like to offer these rewards to other like minded players who would find these extra rewards useful without the usual commitment that being in an alliance requires.

If anyone wants to join an alliance with absolutely no requirements for participation, but is willing to toss some energy help to other members from time to time, let me know. Please understand that I am not in any way interested in being competitive alliance rankings. No one will be required to participate in any quests or wars. We will not be concerned with prestige. It's simply a way for people who don't actually want to be in an alliance to get some of the rewards.

Of course, even though you are not required to do any of the alliance content, anyone who wishes to do so is welcome to do anything they can get enough other willing members to do. But again, there should be no pressure for anyone to do anything or contribute resources toward anything they don't want to participate in.

If you play for 10 hours a day but are not otherwise interested in climbing any leaderboards, this could be the alliance for you. If you play twice a month for a total of 45 minutes, this could be the alliance for you. If you think you will ever get frustrated because people are not participating, this is NOT the alliance for you. If you can't handle the fact that you might miss out on some rewards in uncompleted quests because other alliance members are focusing on other game content or not even logging in to the game at all, this is NOT the alliance for you.

The ONLY purpose of this alliance is for people to get a little bit of the extra stuff they are missing out on simply because they are not in an alliance. The ONLY rule in this alliance is that no one will be forced to do anything. Asking people to participate in things is fine. Pressuring them to do so is not OK. Getting mad at them for declining is not OK. The only exception to this is that I encourage responding to help requests simply as a matter of courtesy. But even with that, you won't be kicked out for neglecting to do so. If, after being part of this alliance for a while your priorities change and you want a more active alliance, you can go ahead and find or start another one more to your liking, no harm no foul.

Finally, I am probably not going to be checking this thread so if you're interested send me a direct message and I'll send you an invite (after I get around to learning how to do that).
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