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Debating this Mutant Dilemma

ValmarxValmarx Posts: 521 ★★★
Week ago I ranked 4/55 my duped Professor X over AA and Wolverine who both
are duped sig 200 at Rank 3/45.
Why I preferred him?
I'm hardcore lover and player of both Red and White Magnetos whos currently at 5/65
and I wanted them to hit even harder and Heal Up while I freely Recoil ( Suicide Runner ).
And gladly...I achieved it at 4 Cerebro Charges on ProfX.

Now at Act 6 or Monthly Cavalier EQ, I struggle with Prof X damage output to get those 3
charges and I can Rank 5/65 to improve it a bit for him make it easier.
Those basically my main uses for him and to Counter Evade champs.
For Thorns I got 5/65 Sig 200 Omega Red whos also on the team most of the time for the Immunities Nodes.

Debating this Mutant Dilemma 23 votes

Yes, He's worth of 5/65 !
shadow_lurker22RockyshockyEtjamaMattyySarvanga1_Ben_15455TheBair123avenge_123AGENT_A7KMessy151T0pher 11 votes
I'd rank up AA
ColleenLpirnie5321OmedennRenaxqqAmnetiesWill3808jscott96Barani7daXanatosWooptyfrickendoo 10 votes
Maybe Wolverine?-No Apocalypse...
Nuclekerr 1 vote
Save T5B for 6-star Rank 2 Mutants (Emma, Sabretooth, Cable)
Just wait for Apocalypse...
Maxwell24 1 vote


  • EtjamaEtjama Posts: 7,653 ★★★★★
    Yes, He's worth of 5/65 !
    Well I'd go AA before Prof X, but if you enjoy Prof more, of course go with him. He's still an incredible champion.
  • Will3808Will3808 Posts: 2,307 ★★★★
    I'd rank up AA
    This is somewhat similar to what etjama said. I would personally rank up archangel because he’s so good but if you like professor x and ranking him up will help with the practicality of using him, go for it and rank him up.
  • ValmarxValmarx Posts: 521 ★★★
    Thanks all !
    I think ill just wait a bit more see how Professor X works on Cavalier Monthly with 20-30% Boosts
    and see if I'm having that much of a difference and time saving
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