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Which 4* Mutant Should Get Rank 4 First?

SuChiUomizuSuChiUomizu Posts: 5
edited February 2021 in Strategy and Tips
Quick summary of my overall game position first. I’m summoner level 39, cleared acts 1-3 of the main story (only act 1 has been fully explored though) and need some champion strengthening before I can push on further. Have a reasonable 4* collection for playing just over a week, including at least one in each class, and at least one in each class at at least rank 3, level 30. Only one higher at the moment though is a rank 4, level 40 Dr. Doom.

I could do another rank 4 now. In most classes I have an easy strong favorite, with little or no competition (or I only have one 4*). Mutant is the only one I am wrestling with. At first was using Pyramid X Storm, who I got almost right away and helped speed through the earliest content. More recently she has been replaced by Apocalypse. But then today I got a 4* Magneto too (‘classic’ red costume version). Now I am wrestling between Magneto and Apocalypse, Apocalypse is ready for rank 4 immediately, Magneto is rank 3 but needs more leveling before I can rank him up.
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  • i would say apocalypse is slightly better for burst fights like the one in act4 whereas magneto is better for long fights like rol
    so apoc is better
  • SuChiUomizuSuChiUomizu Posts: 5
    I ended up doing Apocalypse a day or two after posting and after getting Magneto to rank 3, level 30. Going to continue the plan of getting at least one rank 4 in each class, but may go back to him after that. Half way there on the classes, have Mystic (Doom), Mutant (Apocalypse) and Strike (Moon Knight) covered now. The slowness of getting tier 4 catalysts will give me time to think about the ones left where I have more than one option.

    Tech: Only Yondu at the moment.
    Cosmic: Groot, Air-Walker or classic Thor. Likely either Air-Walker or Thor.
    Science: Electro, Red Hulk or Thing. Started with Electro, then switched to Red Hulk. Thing is new and still needs to catch up to the others and he may or may not take Hulk’s place then.
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