Easy Glory, Communication and AQ Focused

We are OGRECON! We are looking for a few summoners that can handle map 4 and 5. We do 543 with heroic mods weekly and score 120m+ each week. We are trying to bump up to 544 and that will get us to 140M+, and then eventually master mods, which will put us close to 180M!!!

We use telegram for communication and it is required. We have tried using in game chat with some members, but it just doesn't work. If you cannot get telegram, we will try to work you. We currently have 2 members that don't use it and they are fine and active.

We do 2bg for AW (silver 1) and are working towards doing 3 bgs once we fill up again. We do not require or ask for Defensive rank ups yet... if we get to higher tiers, we will ask that, but nothing to crazy.

Alliance name - OGRECON
Alliance Tag - ORGEC
Add me in game - Yodabolt~1
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