Cosmic Past & Present

ValmarxValmarx Posts: 521 ★★★
Leaving aside Variants, ONLY utility & Usefulness, Head-2-Head
Venom VS CosmicGhostRider
Who you would prefer seeing in your Roster as 5/65 champion considering you have
them both at 4/55 now ?
to make it even more interesting, Only Venom is Duped since he benefits it.

Cosmic Past & Present 21 votes

Venom Duped !
SbkruebProximaMidnight_8YsFRenaxqqCharlie21540Another_NameValmarx 7 votes
CGR unduped !
SnakeEyes69VoltolosRookiieEtjamaHera1d_of_Ga1actusSarvanga1_Ksp_2099TheBair123CrcrcrcRiptide[Deleted User]ThePredator1001SpiderHammyUOG5 14 votes


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