Looking for an Allaince

Currently looking for an allaince, AQ atleast 130m and maybe a bit of AW.

Im very attentive and Active when it comes to these kind of things, Im currently at 9K+ Prestige so im sure i won't hold anyone back aslong as the Allaince is At the same level.

Im Phillipines time zone.

I have Line and Discord so any of those is fine with me.

If you want proof of my profile check my current roster and my Prestige in The photos i sent.


  • gindfgindf Posts: 106
    How are you?
    Still looking for a new alliance?
    We are the Milano TMLNO, a chill international alliance doing map543 and 1bg war (optional). We have growing accounts and vets sharing wisdom.
    If you're interested, find me on Line: gindf. (with the dot) or in game: gindf (without).

    Check us out!
  • Hi are you still looking for an alliance?
    We run aq 544 and 2bg optional war.
    Add me on line: _justlucinda
    If interested
  • eggesteggest Posts: 111

    We run map 5x5 scoring 270mil. Started to move towards map6 by doing it on day one most weeks.

    Wars are 2 bgs on rotation, so everyone plays and also gets regular breaks from it. We get gold 2 in around tier 5-6. Nothing too bad.

    If interested, add me on Line: eggest1
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