Next month

BowTieJohnBowTieJohn Posts: 1,408 ★★★
So far this next month looks really cool. Remember all players Uncollected and higher to claim your Uru fragments and the Casket of Winters (1-5). Here is the note which is mentioned in the description for next month.

***SPECIAL & IMPORTANT NOTE for Uncollected and higher:
Please claim the Uru fragments (120) in your inbox, head to Odin’s Armory and claim Casket of Ancient Winters 1 - 5 (unlocks Quest Tiers 2 - 6) BEFORE you embark on the Gauntlet. You should be able to start at Quest Tier 6. Make sure you claim ALL 5 Caskets of Ancient Winters, otherwise you will start at Quest Tier 1 like everybody else! We wouldn’t want you wasting your Feathers on Quest Tiers 1 - 5 now, would we!

Curious to see how tough the fights are and who will be some options to use to complete the fights. I am hoping between now (February 28th and the month of March) to become Cavalier.


  • RDMNRDMN Posts: 278 ★★★
    Thanks for the reminder ✌️
    The real question is why does kabam make us jump through hoops in these side events in recent months before entering the actual quests
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