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8.4 Mil, 1,847 AW Alliance, Prime Council, Looking for some good players to replace retiring players

We are looking for some good players to join The Prime Council

Hello All,

We are The Prime Council.

We are looking for a few new players to replace some retiring players who are quitting the game for good.

Alliance rating- 8,427,514
War Rating- 1,847 Tier 2

Minimum Requirements-
Close to 200k player rating
Close to 4,000 prestige, Please have rank 5 champs. It is needed to play map 5x5, and 1 Five star 4/55.

Weekly Donation requirements (Most of these donations come from AQ/AW rewards, the rest is made up by you)
135k gold
30k bc
10k loyalty

Must also have Line App for communication.

If you meet our requirements and want to be in a three battle group alliance that scores high in SA weekly, does almost all alliance events, does 5x5 map 5 for AQ, and wins wars, then contact us!

Contact Info, Message any of the officers below in the Line app, don't message on this forum I won't respond.
Line App-


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    HeartlessHeartless Posts: 298 ★★
    edited May 2017
    Also our Prestige is 4,342 last time I checked, its probably up a tad more.
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