Question about Cavalier T5CC nexus

Grootman1294Grootman1294 Posts: 611 ★★★
So when they say nexus, I'm gonna assume that it gives you a choice between 3 random classes of T5CC fragments right? So that means it is not a selector?


  • NojokejaymNojokejaym Posts: 3,691 ★★★★★
    Yup gives you a choice between 3
  • Grootman1294Grootman1294 Posts: 611 ★★★
    Ok sweet. Was kinda hoping for a selector but this rewards buff is a good start. Thanks!
  • Ackbar67Ackbar67 Posts: 81
    Correct. In my opinion it's a perfectly fair balance between RNG and selection. This would give us a 50% chance at any class
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