Need Two Players with 9k+ Presitge | AW Gold1/Plat4 | AQ Map4X5 | 40M Alliance | Discord for Comms

Even though we're 30/30 on members, we do need two more. We have a player retiring from the game and two hours seeking higher AQ Maps/Tier3.

We are an Active and Established Alliance of veteran players that was formed almost three years ago. We play this game for fun, but we do not tolerate those who do not participate. If you're looking for a relaxed Alliance that enforces AQ and AW participation without a toxic environment, this is the place. We use Discord for out of game communication. We have no event minimums or donations, but hit all event milestones with ease because all of our members are active! We average 700k+ for summoners advancement every week.

Mature and non toxic players only. Someone who communicates with the team using Discord is mandatory.

AQ Map4x3
AW Gold1 Last Season - Tier 4 - All 3 BGs (We dropped this season and will be pushing for Plat4 next season- 12 Plat4 seasons before this one!)

Contact me if interested:

Discord: Lourido#1111
In-game: Lourido!
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