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So called ¨infinite¨ buffs/passives having a limit...

Agent_X_zzzAgent_X_zzz Posts: 4,463 ★★★★★
Many buffs and passives in the game that do not have a set / stated limit of how many of it can be gained end up having a cap, 99 is a very common cap for most of the so called ¨infinite¨ buffs / passives. It would be nice if kabam could add in their descriptions a set limit, to not cause confusion.

Some Limits include

Doctor Voodoo can place a maximum of 99 Loas on the defender.

Psylocke can gain a maximum of 99 psi charges

Professor X can gain a maximum of 103 Prowess (99 through channeling, 4 from sp3)

Human Torch can gain a max of 297 smolders through 3 ways
99 through energy attacks, 99 when he would be incinerated, and 99 through his special attacks.

She Hulk can gain 207 max furies (random number)

And there are likely many others out there, so kabam if you could, please add a cap in their abilities.


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