Hood RTD

DonDudu2809DonDudu2809 Posts: 267 ★★
Sorry if i missed it, but when are we supposed to get the RTD for The Hood?


  • 262oo7262oo7 Posts: 7

    You'll get Your RTD WHEN KABAM FIXES Hood
    -god emperor Toby Maguire

  • What's a RTD? Rank Tier Degrade? Roomba Tickled Daily? Russel T. Davies?

    If I were them, I'd issue a Hood-specific RDT to everyone and save the hassle of data gathering, etc. Don't know what kind of spaghetti they have to deal with, though.

    Short answer: No idea.

    They probably will do that. They did that for she hulk
  • AgresssorAgresssor Posts: 243
    The question is when ?
  • Texas_11Texas_11 Posts: 1,850 ★★★★
    You get RDT from the announcement of his buff until the point where he got nerfed back to him old self. If we look at the she hulk issue which was similar to this , it was about a week from what I can remember.

    She Hulk heavy fix August 28th or so, and we got rank down tickets around September 4th. But this was rank down tickets specifically for anyone that had a she hulk. This time the RDT seems to be for a very specific time frame. I’m not sure what would take them longer
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