We have space for a BG to join us, Gold 2,can share officers spots

AQ555/655,AW 2BG during season, off season war optional
Friendly, laid back alli. Looking for active players who want a work/life balance. We are the alli for you. I can play and still manage Covid patients =)
We use line to communicate.
My in game name is DrWey, or respond here, my Line app isn't working well


  • DrkaraDrkara Posts: 75 ā˜…
    AQ starts tomorrow. Let see what can be done together šŸ¤›
  • DrkaraDrkara Posts: 75 ā˜…
    Check us out and get some rewards. Need to be able to do map 5, other requirements is be nice and respectful. This is a game and should be fun with little pressure.
  • DrkaraDrkara Posts: 75 ā˜…
    Still looking
  • DrkaraDrkara Posts: 75 ā˜…
  • BBFB1314BBFB1314 Posts: 5 ā˜…
    Any interest in going map 6 or 7?
  • DrkaraDrkara Posts: 75 ā˜…
    We have a few that would and could handle a map 6 most of the week. If you have a group that wants to do a map 6 all week that will work. currently we dont have enough people to run map 6 consistently.
  • EnzohideEnzohide Posts: 2
    Let me know if Iā€™m ok to join.
    Cavalier player- Enzohide
  • DrkaraDrkara Posts: 75 ā˜…
    We have 2-3 spots left. We are almost full to do AQ 555, and sometimes 655. Will start season with 2bg but can do 3bgs if there is enough interest. Off season war is optional 1bg.
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